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Liability section

The liability section covers third party who sustain injury or die while in the private dwelling house due to the owners, or occupier’s negligence, most policies provide a limit of certain amounts of money.

In case of a private damage car under home insurance comprehensive insurance policy cover can be insured. Comprehensive insurance policy provides very wide cover and it is somehow misleading, however: though it implies that every conceivable risk is covered this is not the case. It covers the insured’s legal liability towards the third parties in respect of death and bodily injury and property damage and own damage and malicious damage to the insured vehicle. In other words it covers all what is under one party , fire and theft as well as accidents and malicious damage to the vehicle Private cars covered under a motor private motor policies there use is restricted to :

  • Social, home and pleasure purposes.
  • By the policyholder in person in connection with ones, business and that of their employers business.
  • Other people with the authority of the policyholder.

Under third party, fire and theft the insured legal party towards third party in respect of death and bodily injury, property damage , and also loss or damage arising from theft or fire to the insured vehicle

Building Section

The domestic package policy defines a building as a private dwelling house, or private flat including home buildings, property owners’ fixtures and fittings, wall gates and fences, all in the same premises. The property is covered for fire and special perils.

This section is extended to cover

  • Reasonable additional expenses for alternative accommodation.
  • Loss of rent payable to the insured if applicable. The amount payable is normally limited to the sum insured on buildings.

Content section

Content section Contents consist of furniture, household goods and personal effects of every description, the property of the insured or any members of the insureds family normally residing with her or him; and fixtures and fittings the insureds own or one the insured is legally responsible not being landlords fixtures and fitting. The perils insured are the same as those insured under the building section. It covers the contents for fire and special perils including theft. There are two important extensions under the content section:

  • Goods temporally removed while visiting any private dwelling residences, hotel boarding house, and nursing home and so on.
  • Additional expenses of alternative accommodation and loss of rent, the limit payable under extensions is normally 10% of the total sum insured of the contents

All risk section only specified portable items that can be carried outside the house are insured under this section. They include cameras, radios, Jewell and sport kit. The cover is very wide and includes accidental damage.

Workmen’s compensation section

The worker compensation section covers home servants such as house help, guards, shambastaff, and chauffeurs; the cover provided is in respect of injury, death, or disease arising out of and in the course of home servant’s employment. The compensation provided here is not a requirement of the workmen’s compensation act.

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