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Medical risks and physical factors

  • Use of tobacco: some of the studies shows that previous tobacco users will always have a high risk of throat cancer and other related ailments, even if one has stopped using, health insurance cover penalizes applicants who use cigarettes and chew tobacco, or snuff by charging high insurance rates denying them with coverage. Our coverage helps both you and the health insurance company because when you quit using tobacco and other related substance; your health risk starts to reduce, therefore decreasing the cost of insurance.
  • Age: our health insurance premium rates are usually lower for younger members; this is because young people are less likely to develop problems. Young people have fewer diagnosed and undiagnosed medical condition than older people do, although they are more likely to be involved in accidents and injuries.
  • Body mass index: on a scale of one to ten people with high body mass index usually have high premiums than those with the low body mass index. In addition to this individuals with high body mass index, treatment for normal occurrences such as pregnancy have a high chance of risk and therefore require specialized treatment or equipments. High body mass index will cost you more for your health cover.
  • Family history: many factors are taken into account in cheap car insurance deals especially when an individual wants to apply for the health insurance. Family history is among the factors to be considered. Applicants with family history of cancer, for example, may pay more insurance premium rates than applicants with no history.
  • Gender: health insurance affects mostly women because they are likely to pay higher medical premiums than men are. The reason being, according to experts women may be more likely to go to the doctor regularly than men or be subject to certain diseases.
  • Pre-existing medical conditions: health insurance knows that a pre-existing medical condition can be costly even if the insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions. Many plans will not sell insurance to people with specific pre-existing conditions.
  • Field of work: most people are exposed to hazardous chemical, radiation, or those who work in jobs with high injury rates, have much higher health insurance charges to those who work in less injury jobs. Individuals who travel for international business may also impact the cost of insurance
  • Lifestyle: health insurance assumes that people who share these factors have similar risks and price their policies accordingly.

About health covers

While many of these factors are beyond your control, you have the ability to lose weight, quit smoking, and move on. Taking good care of your health and controlling the risk factors mentioned here reduces health insurance premiums now and in the future.

In addition, you can save money on your health insurance premiums by choosing higher deductibles. Review insurance quotes carefully; if you have to pay more out-of-pocket expenses for the benefits you use the most, even the cheapest plan might end up costing you more in the end.

Compare Rates

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Our website enables you to compare various insurance brands on one search. You are also able to know the price of the policy and levels of insurance covers provided. You only have to get a quote and see what coverage’s are recommended for you. Contact us today for more information.


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